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Time is of the Essence!

Oct 16, 2012
Posted By Andrews Law Office

People ask me whether I worry about becoming burned out because of the passion that I have for the work that I do. Simply put, I LOVE WHAT I DO! My love for the law, for the pursuit of justice, keeps me excited about practicing law every single day because my work never feels like a job. I don’t work to live, I live to work for each and every one of my clients. When something is your life’s work, it never feels like a job.

Unfortunately, my passion for justice and my desire to ensure that the legal system protects the rights of all persons carries with it an inherent amount of pressure. The practice of law and the outcome of everyday’s work within the practice of law can have a ripple effect on the outcome of all future cases, given that a sloppy effort in an individual case has the potential of yielding a bad precedent which can stain all future cases. As such, I believe that the practice of law is a calling, much like I would expect the practice of medicine to be for all of those who work in that profession. Quite simply, every day demands your best effort, and if you are not passionate about the practice of law, I do not believe you could provide the requisite level of effort that is demanded on a daily basis.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do…” -Steve Jobs.

When you consult our firm for representation, make sure you ask about this philosophy. When we protect you, our client, we are protecting every other person who may ultimately have contact with the judicial system.

This is the beginning of my blog posts on our site. I hope to impart upon you wisdom and knowledge that aids you in selecting an attorney for your needs.


Stephen G. Webster